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Preparation code

Benchmark.prototype.setup = function() {
  function startsWithcobbal(string, search){
    return string.substring(0, search.length) === search;
  function startsWithMarkByers(string, search){
    return string.lastIndexOf(search, 0) === 0;
  function startsWithVincent(string, search){
    // feeling lazy
    return (/^Lorem/).test(string);
  function startsWithKikuchyo(string, search){
    return !string.indexOf(search);
  function startsWithNative(string, search) {
    return string.startsWith(search);
  theString = "Lorem ipsum ad his scripta blandit partiendo, eum fastidii accumsan euripidis in, eum liber hendrerit an. Qui ut wisi vocibus suscipiantur, quo dicit ridens inciderint id. Quo mundi lobortis reformidans eu, legimus senserit definiebas an eos.";


Test runner

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Test Ops/sec
startsWithNative(theString, 'Lorem');


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