Replace All vs Split/Join

JavaScript performance comparison

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Preparation code

Benchmark.prototype.setup = function() {
  str = "Test abc test test abc test...";
  reg_exp = new RegExp('abc', 'g');
  replaceAll = function(string, omit, place, prevstring) {
    if (prevstring && string === prevstring)
      return string;
    prevstring = string.replace(omit, place);
    return replaceAll(prevstring, omit, place, string)
  var replaceIndexOf = function(value, search, replacement) {
      var result = value;
      if (result) {
          while (result.indexOf(search) >= 0) {
              result = result.replace(search, replacement);
      return result;


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Test Ops/sec
Replace indexOf
str = replaceIndexOf(str, "abc", "")


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