Object Keys Vs For In

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Preparation code

Benchmark.prototype.setup = function() {
  var jsonObj = {
    prop1: "abc",
    prop2: "def",
    prop3: "ghi",
    prop4: "jkl",
    prop5: "mno",
    prop6: "pqr",
    prop7: "stu",
    prop8: "vwx",
    prop9: "yz",
    prop10: "abc",
    prop11: "abc",
    prop12: "def",
    prop13: "ghi",
    prop14: "jkl",
    prop15: "mno",
    prop16: "pqr",
    prop17: "stu",
    prop18: "vwx",
    prop19: "yz",
    prop20: "yz",
    prop21: "abc",
    prop22: "def",
    prop23: "ghi",
    prop24: "jkl",
    prop25: "mno",
    prop26: "pqr",
    prop27: "stu",
    prop28: "vwx",
    prop29: "yz",
    prop31: "abc",
    prop32: "def",
    prop33: "ghi",
    prop34: "jkl",
    prop35: "mno",
    prop36: "pqr",
    prop37: "stu",
    prop38: "vwx",
    prop39: "yz",
    prop41: "abc",
    prop42: "def",
    prop43: "ghi",
    prop44: "jkl",
    prop45: "mno",
    prop46: "pqr",
    prop47: "stu",
    prop48: "vwx",
    prop49: "yz",
    prop51: "abc",
    prop52: "def",
    prop53: "ghi",
    prop54: "jkl",
    prop55: "mno",
    prop56: "pqr",
    prop57: "stu",
    prop58: "vwx",
    prop59: "yz",
    prop61: "abc",
    prop62: "def",
    prop63: "ghi",
    prop64: "jkl",
    prop65: "mno",
    prop66: "pqr",
    prop67: "stu",
    prop68: "vwx",
    prop69: "yz"


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Test Ops/sec
var result = "";
Object.keys(jsonObj).forEach(function(key) {
  result = result + jsonObj[key];
For In hasOwnProp
var result = "";
for (key in jsonObj) {
  if (jsonObj.hasOwnProperty(key)) {
    result = result + jsonObj[key];
Object.keys for loop
var result = "",
  keys  = Object.keys(jsonObj);

for (var i = 0, l = keys.length; i < l; i++) {
  result = result + jsonObj[keys[i]];
for in without hasOwnProp
var result = "";
for (key in jsonObj) {
  result = result + jsonObj[key];

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