Math.round vs hack

JavaScript performance comparison

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Preparation code

  function hack_round(n) {
   return~~ (0.5 + n);
  var somenum = -500 + (Math.random() * 1000);
  var rounded;

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Test Ops/sec
"proper" rounding
rounded = Math.round(somenum);
Hack rounding
rounded = ~~ (0.5 + somenum);
Proper hack rounding
rounded = ~~ (somenum + (somenum > 0 ? .5 : -.5));
Hack with bitwise OR
rounded = (0.5 + somenum) | 0;
Hack with bitwise shift
rounded = (0.5 + somenum) << 0;
Hack rounding with call overhead
rounded = hack_round(somenum);

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Miller Medeiros commented :

One thing that is interesting to note is that the newest browsers optimize function calls so much that there is no overhead of calling a function, in fact there is a performance gain... (I've seen it happening before as well)

Property look-up (e.g. sometimes can still affect a little bit but even that doesn't change that much if the functions are called inside a loop and the object isn't updated during this time.

many things that used to be true about performance aren't anymore. The way that benchmarks are executed can influence the result, so the best thing is to test on the production code and make sure that those rules are still valid, sometimes it can perform completely different.

Christoph Bratschi commented :

Most of the test above are only valid for positive numbers. Negative numbers need different algorithms.