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<!-- CSV strings to parse -->
var csvString = "Type,Name,Description,Related Facility ID,Technique,Location,Contact Name,Contact Telephone,Contact URL,Contact Email,Secondary Contact Name,Secondary Contact Telephone,Secondary Contact URL,Secondary Contact Email,ID,Photo,Department,Site Location,Building,Service Level,Web Address,Institution Name,Institution URL,Institution Logo URL,Datestamp,Approximate Coordinates,Corrections \nequipment,\"Alliance Waters 2695 HPLC SYSTEM\",\"Used to measure amino acids and othe trace compounds.   Can detect to picomoles concentrations.  The machine is linked to a Waters 2487 dual lambda absorbance detector and and Waters 474 scanning fluorescence detector.\",,,,Dr John Andralojc,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R00610R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"LECO Pegasus 3 GC-MS system with Autosampler and Pyrolysis inlet\",\"GC MS analysis of a wide range of analytes including sample input via a CDS 5700 pyroprobe unit.  Full-mass range spectral acquisition rates of up to 500 spectra/second\",,,,Dr Jane Ward,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R00969R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Bruker Avance 600MHz LC-NMR-MS System\",\" A hyphenated 600 MHz NMR spectrometer configured for high-throughput collection of plant metabolomics data. This system consists of the NMR spectrometer, an Agilent HPLC system, a Spark-Holland SPE unit and a Bruker Esquire 3000 ion-trap benchtop mass spectrometer. \",,,,Dr Jane Ward,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R00997R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Skalar Continuous Flow Analyser\",\"Colourimetric Continuous Flow Analysis is routinely used for the determination of nitrate-N, nitrite-N, ammonia-N, chloride and phosphate-P in soil and plant extracts/digests and environmental samples. Total N is also determined using an online UV persulphate oxidation stage. \",,,,Mr Adrian Crosland,441582763133,,,Mrs Wendy Wilmer,441582763133,,,RR-R01002R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Autospec Ultima (magnetic sector GCMS)\",\"The Autospec, manufactured by Waters/Micromass, is a double focusing, triple sector mass spectrometer with a photomultiplier detection system. This instrument is a magnetic sector mass spectrometer and has several operational modes; electron ionisation (EI), chemical ionisation (CI) and electrospray ionisation (ESI).<BR /><BR /><BR />The Autospec is a high-resolution mass spectrometer with a resolution of up to 20,000. The Autospec is used for analysis of molecules less than 2,000 Daltons, and can detect samples of most organic compounds at sub-nanogram quantities. Mass measurements accurate to <5ppm can be carried out on this instrument. It is also equipped with an Agilent 6890N gas chromatograph for GCMS with two injection ports, cool-on-column (COC) and thermal desorption (Optic 2 injection system).<BR /><BR /><BR />(LSIMS), fast atom bombardment (FAB), and electrospray ionization (ESI). The Autospec is a high-resolution mass spectrometer with a resolution of up to 20,000. The Autospec is used for analysis of molecules less than 2,000 Daltons, and can detect samples of most organic compounds at sub-nanogram quantities.\",,,,Dr John Caulfield,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R01004R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Agilent 7500CE ICP-MS\",\"Inductively Coupled Plasma - Mass Spectrometery (ICP-MS) with octopole reaction system. This is used when low level concentrations in the ppm/ppb range are required. ICP-MS linked to a high pressure liquid chromotography system (LC-ICP-MS) is also used as a research tool for As and Se speciation.\",,,,Prof Steve McGrath,441582763133,,,Mr Adrian Crosland,441582763133,,,RR-R01026R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"LI-COR DNA ANALYSER\",\"Sequences 800 base pairs per DNA sample with 99% accuracy\",,,,Dr Andy Phillips,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R01027R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Caliper Zephyr With Low Volume 384 Head\",\"Liquid handling robot\",,,,Dr Steven Hanley,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R01028R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"LECO CN628\",\"LECO CN268: Used to determin total carbon and total nitrogen.  Primarily used for analysis of grain samples.\",,,,Mr Adrian Crosland,441582763133,,,Mrs Wendy Wilmer,441582763133,,,RR-R00951R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Agilent GC-MSD system\",\"Fully automated utilitarian bench-top gas chromatograph-quadropole mass spectrometer operating in electron impact mode.\",,,,Dr Jane Ward,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R01048R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"IDAHO light scanner\",\"Use High Resolution Melting (HRM) for analysis for mutation scanning and genotyping in 96- or 384-well plate system.\",,,,Dr Andy Phillips,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R01049R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Portable photosynthesis system\",\"LI-COR LI-6400 XT to measure CO2 and H20 gas exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence in the field\",,,,Prof Martin Parry,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R01050R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"JSM-6360LV SEM\",\"The Jeol 6360 LVSEM is relatively easy to use and can be used in dry-mode for dehydrated samples or in cryo-mode for liquid nitrogen plunged samples. Imaging using the secondary electron detector gives the surface image from reflected electrons. The backscatter detector gives the backscattered image giving further information regarding composition of the sample. An Oxford EDS (energy dispersive spectroscopy) detector is attached allowing for elemental analysis of the samples.\",,,,Dr Smita Kurup,441582763133,,,Mrs Jean Devonshire,441582763133,,,RR-R00800R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"JSM-6700F FEG-SEM\",\"The Jeol 6700 FEG SEM is a high resolution scanning electron microscope. The electron source is a field emission gun, which emits electrons in a parallel beam enabling better spatial separation of objects of interest so that objects closer to 10 nm separation can be resolved. The FEG SEM is also equipped with a cryopreparation system and is capable of energy analysis\",,,,Dr Smita Kurup,441582763133,,,Mrs Jean Devonshire,441582763133,,,RR-R00799R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Gas Chromatograph\",\"Dual FID Agient 7890A used for the preparation of samples to allow the separation of the individual compounds by gas chromatography\",,,,Dr Keith Chamberlain,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R01089R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"JEM-2010 FAST TEM\",\"This transmission electron microscope is capable of conventional and cryo TEM techniques. The system is set-up for electron tomography. Energy analysis is possible on the TEM using the Oxford Inca EDS system.\",,,,Dr Smita Kurup,441582763133,,,Mrs Jean Devonshire,441582763133,,,RR-R00798R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"ABI Prism 3100 Genetic Analyser\",\"The ABI PRISM&reg; 3100 Genetic Analyzer is a 16-capillary electrophoresis system allowing both sequencing and fragment analysis to be performed at medium-to-high throughput. The system's capabilities of running various lengths of capillaries and polymers provide  possibilities to develop a variety of applications with robust operation and high sensitivity.\",,,,Dr Steven Hanley,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R00797R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Waters GCT High Resolution GC-MS system\",\"The GCT is a benchtop orthogonal time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectrometer coupled to an automated gas chromatograph, that offers exact mass measurement capabilities under MassLynx Software control\",,,,Dr Jane Ward,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R00796R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"ICP-OES Spectrometer\",\"Inductively Coupled Plasma - Optical Emission Spectrometery (ICP-OES) is used where concentrations fall in the ppm range of detection.The standard suite of elements determined include; P K Ca Mg Na Fe Al Ti An Cu Ni Cd Cr Pb Mo Co Mn and S\",,,,Mr Adrian Crosland,441582763133,,,Mrs Wendy Wilmer,441582763133,,,RR-R01158R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Walters MALDI TOF Bench Top Mass Spectrometer\",\"Useful for proteomics and carbohydrate mass finger printing.\",,,,Dr Jane Ward,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R00751R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Agilent Bench Top GC-MS\",\"Combined with a 5973 network mass selective detector and a 6890N network gas chromatography system.  Used to analyse organic compounds.\",,,,Mr Adrian Crosland,441582763133,,,Mrs Wendy Wilmer,441582763133,,,RR-R00743R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"500 MHz NMR  Spectrometer\",\"This AVANCE 500 MHz nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer is used for the structure elucidation of solutions of organic chemicals from natural product isolation and chemical synthesis.\",,,,Dr Antony Hooper,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R00738R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Portable photosynthesis system\",\"LI-COR LI-6400 XT to measure CO2 and H20 gas exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence in the field\",,,,Dr John Andralojc,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R00663R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Confocal Microscope\",\"A Laser scanning or confocal microscope scans a sample sequentially point by point, line by line or multiple points at once and assemble the pixel information to one image. As a result optical slices of the specimen are imaged with high contrast and high resolution in x, y and z. Confocal microscopy supports sensitivity demanding applications in life sciences as well as for topographic tasks on materials surfaces\",,,,Dr Smita Kurup,441582763133,,,Miss Kirstie Halsey,441582763133,,,RR-R00527R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Shimadzu TOC-V WP\",\"Total organic carbon analyser\",,,,Mr Adrian Crosland,441582763133,,,Mrs Wendy Wilmer,441582763133,,,RR-R01213R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"SerCon 20-22 Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer linked to a CE Na2000N-Protein Elemental Analyser\",\"Sercon 20-22 Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer  linked to a Carlo Erba NA 2000N-Protein Elemental Analyser<BR /><BR />Measures bulk C and N stable isotopes in solid samples\",,,,Miss Liz Dixon,441837883500,,,,,,,RR-R01214R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Gas Chromatograph\",\"Dual FID Agient 7890A used for the preparation of samples to allow the separation of the individual compounds by gas chromatography\",,,,Dr Richard Haslam,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R01216R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Portable photosynthesis system\",\"LI-COR LI-6400 XT to measure CO2 and H20 gas exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence in the field\",,,,Dr John Andralojc,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R01219R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"FLIR thermal imaging camera\",\"Used for capturing and recording thermal distribution and variations in real time to measure heat patterns, dissipation, leakage, and other temperature factors in equipment, products and processes.\",,,,Dr John Andralojc,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R01220R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Auto Tissue Processor\",\"A productivity tool for the Electron Microscopy Laboratory. Uses a robotics system to move baskets of tissue from one vial to another and agitates them for a defined time, force and temperature.\",,,,Dr Smita Kurup,441582763133,,,Miss Kirstie Halsey,441582763133,,,RR-R01224R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"OLYMPUS BX-61\",\"A computer-controlled conventional wide-angle (non-confocal) upright microscope. Equipped with a motorized stage and a high-resolution digital camera, allows for maximum flexibility in excitation and emission wavelengths with dual filter wheels. High-quality Phase and Differential Interference Contrast are fully supported\",,,,Dr Smita Kurup,441582763133,,,Miss Kirstie Halsey,441582763133,,,RR-R01225R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Liquid Scintillation Counter Tri-Carb 2100TR\",\"to determine the radioactivity of organic molecules and their derivatives, trace-labelled with radioisotopes, and to determine the identity of unknown radioisotopes during the process of contamination monitoring\",,,,Dr John Andralojc,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R00330R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Mat95 xp (magnetic sector GCMS)\",\"This instrument is a magnetic sector mass spectrometer and has Electron Ionisation (EI), Chemical Ionisation (CI) and LSIMS ion sources. Mass measurements accurate to <5ppm can be carried out on this instrument. It is also equipped with an Agilent 6890 gas chromatograph for GC/MS work\",,,,Dr John Caulfield,441582763133,,,Dr Antony Hooper,441582763133,,,RR-R01249R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Zeiss Confocal Microscope\",\"A Laser scanning or confocal microscope scans a sample sequentially point by point, line by line or multiple points at once and assemble the pixel information to one image. As a result optical slices of the specimen are imaged with high contrast and high resolution in x, y and z. Confocal microscopy supports sensitivity demanding applications in life sciences as well as for topographic tasks on materials surfaces\",,,,Dr Smita Kurup,441582763133,,,Miss Kirstie Halsey,441582763133,,,RR-R01255R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"AGRISPEC FR\",\"A portable visible - near infrared spectrometer for food and feed testing.\",,,,Dr Malcolm Hawkesford,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R01257R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"HPLC\",\"Shimadzu prominence machine used for the preparation of samples to allow the separation of the individual compounds by high pressure liquid chromatography\",,,,Dr Keith Chamberlain,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R00269R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Elite LC-ESI-MS system with alternate MALDI source\",\"A very high resolution mass spectrometer, used for structure determination of metabolites and peptides introduced  via uPLC or nano-LC chromatography or via MALDI plates\",,,,Dr Jane Ward,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R01295R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Quattro Ultima\",\"The Micromass Quattro Ultima is a high performance bench-top triple quadrupole mass spectrometer designed for routine LCMS/MS operation. An Agilent 1100 HPLC is attached for LCMS work.\",,,,Dr John Caulfield,441582763133,,,Dr Antony Hooper,441582763133,,,RR-R01297R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Liquid Scintillation Counter 2500TR\",\"to determine the radioactivity of organic and inorganic molecules and their derivatives, trace-labelled with radioisotopes, and to determine the identity of unknown radioisotopes during the process of contamination monitoring<BR />\",,,,Dr John Andralojc,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R00205R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nfacility,\"North Wyke Farm Platform\",\"The Farm Platform provides three contrasting farming systems, each over 20 ha. A set of core data  from across the Platform is available to all and the Platform can accommodate experiments from external organisations who wish to make use of the contrasting farm scale systems.\",,,,Dr Phil Murray,441837883500,,,,,,,RR-N20618R,,,North Wyke,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Syscal Pro Switch 48\",\"A versatile electrical resistivitymeter which combines a transmitter, a receiver and a switching unit in one single casing.  Used for  geotechnical electricity resistivity tomography studies.\",,,,Dr Christopher Watts,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R01334R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Nitric Oxide Analyser\",\"Measure NO in gas samples\",,,,Dr Laura Cardenas,441837883500,,,,,,,RR-N20615R,,,North Wyke,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Finnigan MAT Delta plus GC-C-IRMS\",\"Compound specific analyses of delta 13C in organic samples.\",,,,Dr Jennifer Dungait,441837883500,,,,,,,RR-N20611R,,,North Wyke,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Skalar Sans Plus Segmented Flow Analyser\",\"For the determination of total oxidised-N and ammonia-N in soil extracts\",,,,Miss Liz Dixon,441837883500,,,Miss Denise Headon,441837883500,,,RR-N20591R,,,North Wyke,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Perkin Elmer Clarus 500 Linked to a Perkin Elmer 110 TurboMatrix headspace sampler\",\"measures N2O, CO2 and CH4 in gas samples\",,,,Mr Neil Donovan,441837883500,,,Dr Laura Cardenas,441837883500,,,RR-N20581R,,,North Wyke,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"20-22 Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer\",\"A SerCon ratio MS linked to an ANCA-TG II trace gas analyser and a Gilson autosampler measures stable isotopes of CO2 and N2O is gas samples\",,,,Miss Liz Dixon,441837883500,,,,,,,RR-N20545R,,,North Wyke,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Agilent 7890 GC\",\"Measures compounds in organic solvents\",,,,Dr Jennifer Dungait,441837883500,,,Mr Adrian Joynes,441837883500,,,RR-N20440R,,,North Wyke,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Agilent  GC MS\",\"Measures compounds in organic solvents\",,,,Dr Jennifer Dungait,441837883500,,,Mr Adrian Joynes,441837883500,,,RR-N20215R,,,North Wyke,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Thermo Scientific Aquakem 250 Photometric Analyzer\",\"A discrete photometric analyser to measure a range of chemistries in water samples.\",,,,Miss Liz Dixon,441837883500,,,Miss Denise Headon,441837883500,,,RR-N01240R,,,North Wyke,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"NMR Probes\",\"These probes (BBO, TXI-5mm (protein characterisation), TXI-1mm, TXI-2.5mm) allow routine structure elucidation, structure elucidation of materials from milligram down to low microgram levels, characterisation of a range of NMR active nuclei (19F, 15N, 31P, 2H) relevant to agriculture and soils, protein biochemistry and organic chemistry.\",,,,Dr Antony Hooper,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R01032R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Zeiss Palm Laser Dissection Microscope\",\"Uses a laser to isolate specific microscopic regions from tissue samples\",,,,Dr Smita Kurup,441582763133,,,Miss Kirstie Halsey,441582763133,,,RR-R01066R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Gas Chromatograph\",\"Dual FID Agient 7890A used for the preparation of samples to allow the separation of the individual compounds by gas chromatography\",,,,Dr Frederic Beaudoin,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R01086R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Shimadzu HPLC System\",\"Performs high pressure liquid chromatography\",,,,Dr Alison Lovegrove,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R01104R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Real Time PCR\",\"qPCR machine used for the detection of mutations.\",,,,Mr Martin Williamson,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R01134R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Leica Stereomicroscope\",\"Produces high quality stereoscopic images\",,,,Dr Smita Kurup,441582763133,,,Miss Kirstie Halsey,441582763133,,,RR-R01149R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"TimeLogic DeCypher Biocomputing Platform\",\"A hardware accelerated computer system dedicated to high throughput analysis of molecular sequence data\",,,,Mr Gavin Harrison,441582763133,,,Prof Chris Rawlings,441582763133,,,RR-R01170R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"HPLC\",\"Shimadzu prominence machine used for the preparation of samples to allow the separation of the individual compounds by high pressure liquid chromatography\",,,,Dr Richard Haslam,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R01187R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"FPLC\",\"Fast protein liquid chromatography uses gel filtration, ion exchange, and other criteria to sort macromolecules based on size, charge distribution, biorecognition, or even hydrophobicity. Protein molecules with a high level of purity can be isolated with FPLC systems\",,,,Dr Jing-Jiang Zhou,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R01190R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Electrophysiology Patch Clamp\",\"Used to study the activity of single of multiple ion channels in cells\",,,,Dr Jing-Jiang Zhou,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R01192R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"REAL TIME PCR\",\"A method to use amplification of short sequences of DNA using polymerase chain reaction to quantify the amount of DNA originally present.<BR />\",,,,Dr Steven Hanley,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R01205R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Real Time PCR\",\"High performance, multicolour real-time 7500 PCR\",,,,Dr Andy Phillips,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R00982R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"HPLC\",\"Shimadzu prominence machine used for the preparation of samples to allow the separation of the individual compounds by ultra high pressure liquid chromatography\",,,,Dr Keith Chamberlain,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R01248R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"NexIONXX  Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometery (ICP-MS)\",\"Inductively Coupled Plasma - Mass Spectrometery (ICP-MS) is used when low level concentrations in the ppm/ppb range are required. ICP-MS linked to a high pressure liquid chromotography system (LC-ICP-MS) is also used as a research tool for As and Se speciation\",,,,Prof Steve McGrath,441582763133,,,Mr Adrian Crosland,441582763133,,,RR-R01293R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"LECO TruMac CN\",\"Used to determin total carbon and total nitrogen.  Primarily used for analysis of soil samples.  A sensitive machine ideal for samples containing low N concentrations.\",,,,Mr Adrian Crosland,441582763133,,,Mrs Wendy Wilmer,441582763133,,,RR-R01323R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Gas Chromatograph\",\"Dual FID Agient 7890A used for the preparation of samples to allow the separation of the individual compounds by gas chromatography\",,,,Dr Keith Chamberlain,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R01331R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"IsoPrime100 Isotope Mass Spectrometer\",\"Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometery (IRMS) is routinely used for the determination of 15N and 13C in soil, soil fractions and plant material\",,,,Mr Adrian Crosland,441582763133,,,Mrs Wendy Wilmer,441582763133,,,RR-R01368R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Leica EM HPM100 Machine\",\"The Leica EM HPM100 is a high pressure freezing system for vitrifying samples up to 200 micrometre in thickness.\",,,,Dr Smita Kurup,441582763133,,,Mrs Jean Devonshire,441582763133,,,RR-R01341R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"LI-COR LI-6400XT Portable Photosynthesis System\",\"LICOR portable open gas exchange system for measuring leaf level photosynthesis in the field or laboratory. Available attachments include: the Standard leaf chamber, the 6400-02B LED light source, the 6400-05 conifer chamber and the 6400-40 leaf chamber fluorometer.\",,,,Dr Jennifer Cunniff,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R01342R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Ion Torrent Proton Sequencer\",\"Semiconductor-based  DNA sequencer\",,,,Dr Steven Hanley,441582763133,,,,,,,RR-R01370R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Shimadzu TOC-L Total Organic Carbon Analyser\",\"Measures total organic carbon and total nitrogen in water samples\",,,,Miss Liz Dixon,441837883500,,,Miss Denise Headon,441837883500,,,RR-N20635R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\nequipment,\"Buchi Speed Extractor E-914Buchi Speed Extractor E-914\",\"Buchi Speed Extractor E-914\",,,,Dr Jane Ward,441582763133,,,Prof Michael Beale,441582763133,,,RR-R01399R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\n,\"Acquity UPLC SystemAcquity UPLC System\",\"Acquity UPLC System\",,,,Dr John Caulfield,441582763133,,,Dr Michael Birkett,441582763133,,,RR-R01410R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,\n,\"VMFT Transciever RadarVMFT Transciever Radar\",\"VMFT Transciever Radar\",,,,Dr Jason Lim,441582763133,,,Dr Jason Chapman,441582763133,,,RR-R01420R,,,Harpenden,,,,Rothamsted Research,,,2014-11-18 04:03:15.027,51.809218 -0.356704,";

<!-- Prepare the parsers -->
var papa = new Papa.Parser();
var fastPapa = new Papa.Parser({ fastMode: true });
var oldPapa = new Papa3Parser();
var knrzCsv = new CSV(csvString);

Preparation code output

<!-- jQuery --> <!-- CSV libraries --> <!-- CSV strings to parse --> <!-- Prepare the parsers -->

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