Direct vs dynamic property access

JavaScript performance comparison

Test case created by simonbrunel

Preparation code

<canvas id="chart"></canvas>
Benchmark.prototype.setup = function() {
  var ctx = document.getElementById('chart').getContext('2d');
  var f1 = 'bold 12px sans-serif';
  var f2 = 'bold 18px sans-serif';
  var w1 = 12;
  var w2 = 42;
  var p0 = 'font';
  var p1 = 'lineWidth';
  function _set(target, prop, value) {
      target[prop] = value;
  function _set_and_check(target, prop, value) {
      target[prop] = value;
      if (target[prop] !== value) {
         throw new Error('booom: "' + value + '" is not a valid value for ' + prop);


Preparation code output

<canvas id="chart"></canvas>

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Test Ops/sec
Direct access
ctx.font = f1;
ctx.font = f2;
ctx.lineWidth = w1;
ctx.lineWidth = w2;
Dynamic access
ctx[p0] = f1;
ctx[p0] = f2;
ctx[p1] = w1;
ctx[p1] = w2;
Dynamic setter
_set(ctx, 'font', f1);
_set(ctx, 'font', f2);
_set(ctx, 'lineWidth', w1);
_set(ctx, 'lineWidth', w2);
Guarded setter
_set_and_check(ctx, 'font', f1);
_set_and_check(ctx, 'font', f2);
_set_and_check(ctx, 'lineWidth', w1);
_set_and_check(ctx, 'lineWidth', w2);

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