jsPerf was created by Mathias Bynens and launched on August 1st, 2010.

On the same day, Mathias created the Benchmark.js project, which was originally a modified fork of Robert Kieffer’s JSLitmus.

Lindsey Simon of Google was kind enough to extend the Browserscope API to allow jsPerf to programmatically submit new tests. This enabled jsPerf to use Browserscope to collect test results across different platforms, devices, and browsers.

John-David Dalton started collaborating on Benchmark.js in October 2010, separating the test harness from the UI, adding lots of awesome features, fixing bugs, and adding support for pretty much every JavaScript environment out there. JD quickly became the lead Benchmark.js developer. v1 (written in PHP) was open sourced in October 2011. In 2016, Max Beatty and Andrew G. Silluron led the effort of rewriting jsPerf from scratch in Node.js. jsPerf v2 launched in October 2016. Please visit the GitHub repository for a more complete list of contributors.