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Preparation code

function DiagModule(stdlib) {

    "use asm";

    var sqrt = stdlib.Math.sqrt;

    function square(x) {
        x = +x;
        return +(x*x);

    function diag(x, y) {
        x = +x;
        y = +y;
        return +sqrt(square(x) + square(y));

    return { diag: diag };

var bogusGlobal = {
    Math: {
        sqrt: function(x) { return x * 2; }

var fast = DiagModule(window); 
var slow = DiagModule(bogusGlobal); // produces purely-interpreted version

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Test Ops/sec
fast.diag(3, 4)
slow.diag(3, 4);       // 50

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Nameless commented :

TypeError: asm.js link error: As a temporary limitation, modules cannot be linked more than once. This limitation should be removed in a future release. To work around this, compile a second module (e.g., using the Function constructor). @

So this benchmark is completely bogus right now.