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Preparation code

  Benchmark.prototype.setup = function() {
    var aI = 29938;
    var a = [];
    a[29938] = {id: 29938, name: 'name1'};
    a[32994] = {id: 32994, name: 'name2'};

    var oI = '29938';
    var o = {};
    o['29938'] = {id: 29938, name: 'name1'};
    o['32994'] = {id: 32994, name: 'name2'};

    var o2 = {};
    o2['_29938'] = {id: 29938, name: 'name1'};
    o2['_32994'] = {id: 32994, name: 'name2'};

    var o3 = {};
    for(var i = 29938; i <= 32994; i += 3056){
        o3['_' + i] = { id: i, name: 'name' + i };

Test runner

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Test Ops/sec
Holey Array by Index
var result = a[29938];
Object by Key
var result = o['29938'];
Object by Property
var result = o2._29938;
Object by Property
var result = o3._29938;
simple assignment
var result = aI;
Just get aI

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1 Comment

Jonatas Miguel (revision owner) commented :

I added the last two benchmarks on purpose to show that the benchmark might be giving misleading results...

I think this video explains what might be going on here with the dot notation:

The tl;dw version is: dead code elimination might be happening for the dot notation cases...

Though, that still doesn't explain the discrepancy between the dot notation and the bracket notation... Dead code elimination should be happening there as well, given that they both "do the same thing".