Access object properties via closure vs. this

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Preparation code

  var ObjClosure = function(count) {
    var _count = count; = function() { return ++_count }
  var ObjSelfClosure = function(count) {
    this._count = count
    self = this = function() { return ++self._count }
  var ObjThis = function(count) {
    this._count = count = function() { return ++this._count }
  var objClosure = new ObjClosure(0),
      objSelfClosure = new ObjSelfClosure(0),
      objThis = new ObjThis(0)

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Access properties via closure
Access properties via self closure
Access properties via this

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Sean Silva commented :

The self variable in is actually a global, not a closure variable, which makes the result inaccurate.