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Preparation code

<script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1/jquery.min.js"></script>
<div id="testel1"></div>
        <div id="testel2"></div>
        <div id="testel3"></div>
Benchmark.prototype.setup = function() {
    var cssProps = {
      'testel1': {
        'backgroundColor': '#f00',
        height: '100px'
      'testel2': {
        'backgroundColor': '#0f0',
        height: '200px'
      'testel3': {
        'backgroundColor': '#00f',
        height: '300px'
    $.cssHooks.customTest = {
      get: function() {
      set: function(elem, value) {
        //value will be a function in an array
        var props = value[0].call(elem);
        //set each property
        for (var nm in props) {
          elem.style[nm] = props[nm];

Preparation code output

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Testing in unknown unknown
Test Ops/sec
object loop
$.each(['testel1', 'testel2', 'testel3'], function(ind, sel) {
  $('#' + sel).css(cssProps[sel]);
$('#testel1, #testel2, #testel3').css('customTest', [
  function() {
    return cssProps[this.id]

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