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  1. Setting template output directly with innerHTML (no variable substitution).
  2. TagPlate transpilation against a pre-loaded "shadow" DOM in a pre-fetched element
  3. TagPlate transpilation against a "shadow" DOM loaded set with innerHTML during test time
  4. A precompiled Handlebars template applied to a pre-fetched DOM element with innerHTML v2: removed unneeded? jQuery, localhost, updated Handlebars to 1.3.0

Preparation code

<script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/handlebars.js/1.3.0/handlebars.min.js"></script>
<script src="http://charger.chasehosting.com/~lazdnet/TagPlate.js"></script>
// Handlebars setup
var hbsTemplate = Handlebars.compile('{{{toolbar}}}<div>Name: {{name}}</div>');
Handlebars.registerHelper('toolbar', function() {
  return '<div class="toolbar">A Toolbar</div>';

// TagPlate setup
TagPlate.registerDirective('toolbar', function(node, obj) {
  return '<div class="toolbar">A Toolbar</div>';

<div id="innerHTMLTarget"></div>
<div id="hbsTarget"></div>
<div id="tagPlateTarget1"></div>
<div id="tagPlateTarget2"></div>
Benchmark.prototype.setup = function() {
    window.innerHTMLTarget = document.getElementById('innerHTMLTarget');
    window.innerHTMLTarget.innerHTML = '';
    window.hbsTarget = document.getElementById('hbsTarget');
    window.hbsTarget.innerHTML = '';
    window.tagPlateTarget1 = document.getElementById('tagPlateTarget1');
    window.tagPlateTarget1.innerHTML = '<div><toolbar></toolbar>Name: <v>name</v></div>';
    window.tagPlateTarget2 = document.getElementById('tagPlateTarget2');
    window.tagPlateTarget2.innerHTML = '';
    window.tagPlateTarget3 = document.createElement('div');

Preparation code output

Test runner

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Testing in unknown unknown
Test Ops/sec
Direct innerHTML
window.innerHTMLTarget.innerHTML = '<div><div class="toolbar">A Toolbar</div>Name: Test</div>';
window.hbsTarget.innerHTML = hbsTemplate({ name: 'Test' });
TP: Preloaded DOM
TagPlate.transpile(window.tagPlateTarget1, { name: 'Test' });
TP: Dynamic DOM with innerHTML
window.tagPlateTarget2.innerHTML = '<div><toolbar></toolbar>Name: <v>name</v></div>';
TagPlate.transpile(window.tagPlateTarget2, { name: 'Test' });
TP: innerHTML with div outside of DOM
window.tagPlateTarget3.innerHTML = '<div><toolbar></toolbar>Name: <v>name</v></div>';
TagPlate.transpile(window.tagPlateTarget3, { name: 'Test' });

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