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Preparation code

<script src="">
<script src="">
<script id="test_tpl" type="text/x-jsmart-tmpl">
   {foreach $books as $i => $book}
         [{$i+1}] {$book.title|upper} by {$}
            {if $book.price}                                
               Price: <span style="color:red">${$book.price}</span >
      </div >
  var data = {
    books: [{
      title: 'JavaScript: The Definitive Guide',
      author: 'David Flanagan',
      price: '31.18'
    }, {
      title: 'Murach JavaScript and DOM Scripting',
      author: 'Ray Harris'
    }, {
      title: 'Head First JavaScript',
      author: 'Michael Morrison',
      price: '29.54'

Preparation code output

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test 1
var tpl = new jSmart(document.getElementById('test_tpl').innerHTML);

test 2
var tpl = new jSmart(document.getElementById('test_tpl').innerHTML);

document.write(tpl.fetch(data) + tpl.fetch(data));

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