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Preparation code

<script src=""></script>
function arrayApplyAndMap (start, end, step) {
  if (arguments.length <= 1) {
    end = start || 0;
    start = 0;
  step = step || 1;
  return Array.apply(null, new Array( Math.max(Math.ceil( (end - start) / step ), 0) )).map(function (val, i) { return i * step + start; });

var underscore1_4_4 = _.range;

var longLengthSmallStep = [1, 10000, 1];
var longLengthLargeStep = [1, 10000, 1000];
var shortLength = [1, 5];

Preparation code output

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Testing in unknown unknown
Test Ops/sec
array apply and map
arrayApplyAndMap.apply(null, longLengthSmallStep);
arrayApplyAndMap.apply(null, longLengthLargeStep);
arrayApplyAndMap.apply(null, shortLength);
underscore1_4_4.apply(null, longLengthSmallStep);
underscore1_4_4.apply(null, longLengthLargeStep);
underscore1_4_4.apply(null, shortLength);

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