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Benchmark.prototype.setup = function() {
    var string = "My iphone application has a user form under UIViewController. When I start application again some of my UIView changes its positions and sizes. (These UIViews depend on keyboard position) Somewhere is definitely my fault. I try to figure what is going on when application starts again from background and where the UIView changes can be done.";
    var words = ["AMD", "AppleScript", "ASUS", "ATI", "Bluetooth", "DivX", "DVD", "Eee PC", "FireWire",
             "GarageBand", "GHz", "iBookstore", "iCal", "iChat", "iLife", "iMac", "iMovie", "iOS", "iPad",
             "iPhone", "iPhoto", "iPod", "iTunes", "iWeb", "iWork", "JavaScript", "jQuery", "Lenovo",
             "MacBook", "MacPorts", "MHz", "MobileMe", "MySQL", "Nvidia", "OS X", "PowerBook", "PowerPoint",
             "QuickTime", "SSD", "TextEdit", "TextMate", "ThinkPad", "USB", "VMware", "WebKit", "Wi-Fi",
             "Windows XP", "WordPress", "Xcode", "XMLHttpRequest", "Xserve"];

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Test Ops/sec
Regexp for each
var line = string;

words.forEach(function(name) {
  line = line.replace(RegExp(name, "gi"), name);
Compiled regexp
var line = string;

line.replace(RegExp('\\b(?:(' + words.join(')|(') + '))\\b', 'ig'), function(m) {
  for (var a = arguments.length - 2; a--;)
    if (arguments[a])
      return words[a - 1] || m;
Regexp for loop
var line = string;

for(var i = 0, l = words.length; i < l; i++) {
  line = line.replace(RegExp(words[i], "gi"), words[i]);

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