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Researching performance difference of quoting JS objects for a discussion.

v2: correctly labeled test, used double-quotes

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Testing in unknown unknown
Test Ops/sec
sans quotes
var test = {
  one: 1,
  two: 2,
  three: 3,
  four: 4,
  five: 5,
  six: 6,
  seven: 7,
  eight: 8,
  nine: 9,
  ten: 10
" quoted
var test = {
  "one": 1,
  "two": 2,
  "three": 3,
  "four": 4,
  "five": 5,
  "six": 6,
  "seven": 7,
  "eight": 8,
  "nine": 9,
  "ten": 10

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