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Preparation code

<script src=""></script>
Benchmark.prototype.setup = function() {
    var iterable = new Array(1000000);
    // From:
    function mdn( callback, thisArg ) {
        var T, k;
        if ( this == null ) {
          throw new TypeError( "this is null or not defined" );
        // 1. Let O be the result of calling ToObject passing the |this| value as the argument.
        var O = Object(this);
        // 2. Let lenValue be the result of calling the Get internal method of O with the argument "length".
        // 3. Let len be ToUint32(lenValue).
        var len = O.length >>> 0; // Hack to convert O.length to a UInt32
        // 4. If IsCallable(callback) is false, throw a TypeError exception.
        // See:
        if ( {} !== "[object Function]" ) {
          throw new TypeError( callback + " is not a function" );
        // 5. If thisArg was supplied, let T be thisArg; else let T be undefined.
        if ( thisArg ) {
          T = thisArg;
        // 6. Let k be 0
        k = 0;
        // 7. Repeat, while k < len
        while( k < len ) {
          var kValue;
          // a. Let Pk be ToString(k).
          //   This is implicit for LHS operands of the in operator
          // b. Let kPresent be the result of calling the HasProperty internal method of O with argument Pk.
          //   This step can be combined with c
          // c. If kPresent is true, then
          if (, k) ) {
            // i. Let kValue be the result of calling the Get internal method of O with argument Pk.
            kValue = O[ k ];
            // ii. Call the Call internal method of callback with T as the this value and
            // argument list containing kValue, k, and O.
   T, kValue, k, O );
          // d. Increase k by 1.
        // 8. return undefined

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