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                        <div><label for="teardown">Define <code>teardown</code> for all tests <span>(runs after each clocked test loop, outside of the timed code region)</span> <span>(<a href="/faq#setup-teardown">see FAQ</a>)</span> </label><textarea name="teardown" id="teardown" maxlength="16777215"></textarea></div>
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                        <h3>Code snippets to compare</h3>
                                <h4>Code snippet 1</h4>
                                <div><label for="test[1][title]">Title <em title="This field is required">*</em> </label><input type="text" name="test[1][title]" id="test[1][title]" required></div>
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                                <h4>Code snippet 2</h4>
                                <div><label for="test[2][title]">Title <em title="This field is required">*</em> </label><input type="text" name="test[2][title]" id="test[2][title]" required></div>
                                <div><label for="test[2][defer]">Async </label><label class="inline"><input type="checkbox" value="y" name="test[2][defer]" id="test[2][defer]"> (check if this is an <a href="/faq#async">asynchronous test</a>)</label></div>
                                <div><label for="test[2][code]">Code <em title="This field is required">*</em> </label><textarea name="test[2][code]" id="test[2][code]" class="code-js" maxlength="16777215" required></textarea></div><script src=""></script>
Benchmark.prototype.setup = function() {
    function match(el, selector){
      return el.webkitMatchesSelector(selector);
    var fieldset = document.querySelector('fieldset');
    function click(){

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Code snippet 1

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Testing in unknown unknown
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fieldset.onclick = function(e){
  if (match(, 'fieldset, fieldset *')) return;

fieldset.onclick = function(e){
  if (match(, 'fieldset')) return;
  var el =;
  while (el = el.parentNode){
    if (1 != el.nodeType) continue;
    if (match(el, 'fieldset')) return;

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