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<script src=""></script>
<ul class="tabs"><li style="width: 22.5%;"><a href="#tab-0-0" style="height: 15px;">3,000 - 4,999</a><div></div></li><li style="width: 22.5%;"><a href="#tab-0-1" style="height: 15px;">5,000 - 7,499</a><div></div></li><li class="" style="width: 22.5%;"><a href="#tab-0-2" style="height: 15px;">7,500 - 15,000</a><div></div></li><li class="current" style="width: 22.5%;"><a href="#tab-0-3" style="height: 15px;">15,001 - 25,000</a><div></div></li></ul>
Benchmark.prototype.setup = function() {
    var hash = '#tab-0-1';

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Test Ops/sec
index eq
var index = $('.tabs a', this).index( $('li a[href$="' + hash + '"]') )
if (index !== -1)
  $('.tabs a', this).eq(hash_index).trigger('click');
find trigger
$('.tabs', this).find($('a[href$="' + hash + '"]')).trigger('click');

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