isArray - duck typing vs. instanceof

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This test is motivated by the use of duck typing in the current underscore.js implementation for _.isType() functions.

I believe we should not care about the cross frame edge case - take a look at the performance.

Preparation code

  var obj0 = [1, 2, 3],
      obj1 = {
    a: 5,
    b: 7
      obj2 = [
      obj3 = 8,
      toString = Object.prototype.toString;

Test runner

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Testing in unknown unknown
Test Ops/sec
duck typing
!! (obj0 && obj0.concat && obj0.unshift && !obj0.callee); !! (obj1 && obj1.concat && obj1.unshift && !obj1.callee); !! (obj2 && obj2.concat && obj2.unshift && !obj2.callee); !! (obj3 && obj3.concat && obj3.unshift && !obj3.callee);
obj0 instanceof Array;
obj1 instanceof Array;
obj2 instanceof Array;
obj3 instanceof Array;
secure cross frame === '[object Array]'; === '[object Array]'; === '[object Array]'; === '[object Array]';


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C. P. Burns commented :

This is exactly the benchmark I was looking for. The answer to this has alluded me for some time.

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